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Automatic Gate Systems

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We specialise in electronic fire and security solutions including Home Security Systems and Business Security Systems that incorporate the latest security technology supported by an unparalleled level of customer service and professional support.

Our range of products supplied by leading manufacturers comply with the highest industry standards and encompass the latest fire and security technology including; Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, Burglar Alarms, Gates and Gate Automation, Security/Garden Lighting and more. All of which can be integrated as part of our one stop security solution and supported by our comprehensive range of services.

Electric Gates & Automatic Driveway Gates
Glasgow and the West

Gate AutomationThe installation of gates at the entrance of any home or business provides an extra line of defence against unwelcome visitors as well as additional safety for children and pets who remain safely behind gates and away from roads and passers by.

The driveway and cars parked upon it are much safer and less likely to suffer from vandalism or car crime. The garden, garage and outbuildings, with valuable tools and garden machinery, are much more secure behind professionally installed quality wooden or metal gates.

In the vast majority of cases we install automated gates for our Customers who prefer the time saving convenience of opening and closing their gates by remote control. Not only is it a comforting sight to see your automatically operated gates open on a cold winters morning but also reassuring to see them close behind you if you return late at night.

Gate AutomationOne of the major advantages of automatically operated gates is that a much higher level of personal security is achieved by using the door entry system to communicate with your visitors at the end of the driveway, rather than face to face at the front door. This one fact alone, has been responsible for a great number of our concerned Customers deciding to invest in automation immediately.

For our business Customers we also supply and install rising barriers and bollards designed to restrict vehicular access in public or private areas. These systems can be integrated with access control and safety systems.



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