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Door Interlocking Systems

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We specialise in electronic fire and security solutions including Home Security Systems and Business Security Systems that incorporate the latest security technology supported by an unparalleled level of customer service and professional support.

Our range of products supplied by leading manufacturers comply with the highest industry standards and encompass the latest fire and security technology including; Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, Burglar Alarms, Gates and Gate Automation, Security/Garden Lighting and more. All of which can be integrated as part of our one stop security solution and supported by our comprehensive range of services.

Door Interlocking Systems
Glasgow and the West

Interlocking Doors

Our sophisticated door interlock controller allows 2, 3 or 4 doors to be interlocked to restrict or control entry to and from areas that need to be secured against two or more doors being open simultaneously.
Two operational modes are available:
Mode 1 – Keep all doors closed but unlocked, when a door is opened all other doors are locked.
Mode 2 – Keep all doors closed and locked, unlock a door upon request.

Key features:
 Interlocking for 2, 3 or 4 doors
 Integral 12vdc 3A power supply
 Secure or non secure interlocking
 Status indication at each door
 Fire alarm input to release all doors
 Breach indications
 Maintenance door release facility
 Adjustable dwell time
 Adjustable Door Open Too Long time

The door interlocks are designed to be used in Cash Offices, Prisons, Custody suites, Jewellers, Cleanrooms, Bookmakers and off-licence's.

tandem doorsDoors that interlock work together so only one door may be open at a time. Switches are placed on the door so the power supply knows when a door is open. These switches are called Door Position Switches.

Air Lock

An example of an air lock application would be a clean room.  The main point of concern is not security but air.  The air is constantly filtered and cannot be contaminated with outside air.

Both doors are normally closed (they have door closers) and unlocked.



air lock doorWhen a person opens the first door, the power supply immediately locks the second door. The person then enters the chamber and allows the first door to close.  Once that door closes all the way, the power supply will unlock the second door.

A time delay may also be used to properly filter the chamber before allowing either door to open.From the perspective of the power supply here's what is happening behind the scenes.  At it's resting state both doors are unlocked.  Should one door open, the power supply immediately locks both doors.  It then unlocks both doors once it detects both doors are closed.

As complicated as this all sounds, it is really a very simple system.

Door position switches are mounted to the door.  The power supply monitors these switches to know when to lock and unlock the doors.

Man Trap

A man trap application is designed to keep someone from moving through both doors quickly.  A robber or fleeing prisoner needs to be slowed down as much as possible.  Furthermore, the doors contain access control devices so only authorized personnel may pass through the doors.

man trapBoth doors are normally locked.

A key is required to pass.

The trick is to require a key on either side of both doors.  Regardless of which direction people are moving they must use a key to pass.  This requires 4 key locks, one for each side of each door.

The power supply requires a timer.  Once a door is opened the timer ensures the door locks again after a preset time (6 seconds for example).

From the perspective of the power supply here's what is happening behind the scenes.  At it's resting state both doors are locked.  As one door is unlocked using a key, the timer begins it's count down.  When it reaches zero that door locks again.

The critical factor is that an opened door completely shuts out use of the other door.

Once both doors are closed, either door may be unlocked by using the key.

The system is called a man trap because once a person is between the two locked doors they are trapped. The only way out is by use of a key.

keyswitchKey switches are often used in these applications, but a card swipe, keypad or access device works equally well.

Regardless of the switch type used, 4 units are required.  One for each side of each door.



This kit below comprises of the controller, PSU, emergency breakglass units. the door status indicators, the exit buttons plus the breach strobes.

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