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Monitoring Services

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We specialise in electronic fire and security solutions including Home Security Systems and Business Security Systems that incorporate the latest security technology supported by an unparalleled level of customer service and professional support.

Our range of products supplied by leading manufacturers comply with the highest industry standards and encompass the latest fire and security technology including; Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry, Burglar Alarms, Gates and Gate Automation, Security/Garden Lighting and more. All of which can be integrated as part of our one stop security solution and supported by our comprehensive range of services.

Monitoring Services
West Central Scotland


MonitoringWith crime rates in the UK continuing to soar, security has never been a more pressing issue and with business and domestic theft increasing as a percentage of overall crime, providing adequate protection for both property and goods is a requirement that no one can afford to ignore.

Installing an audible security system will solve part of the problem, however, a clanging alarm sounder no longer attracts the attention it once commanded. The speed of response to a break-in or similar incident can make the difference between preventing a crime or being the victim of it.

For complete peace of mind, Ignite Fire and Security in co-operation with Securi Guard Monitoring offers the full range of monitoring facilities for your security system, 24/7. The ARC is a totally secure area employing the very latest in monitoring technology including confirmed signaling methods as well as conventional DigiCom, RedCARE and DualCom.

DualcomOur skilled workforce will protect your property and should an incident ever occur, you will be safe in the knowledge that the relevant emergency service will be on their way.

CSL Dualcom

BT Redcare

BT RedcareBT Redcare provides a comprehensive range of services for peace of mind against crime and fire damage. We are an integral part of the BT family and a leading supplier in fire and security for 20 years. Nearly 400,000 shops, offices, hospitals and organisations can get on with their business safely and securely, thanks to us.
Today, you may prefer not to rely on an alarm or a digital communicator (that sends the alarm signal down the phone line to the alarm receiving centre) to alert the police, let alone on neighbours or passers-by. Many businesses never fully recover from the disruption and cash flow impact caused by break-ins, theft and fire. Responding to false alarms at business premises costs the police approximately £40 million a year. The police now, therefore, only respond to alarm activations with positive confirmation from an eye-witness or via an accredited alarm receiving centre from confirmed alarm activations. Why take chances? BT Redcare can safeguard your premises around the clock with a solution that’s right for you. Protect against theft with BT Redcare Secure, Classic or GSM, and against fire with BT Redcare Fire.
BT Redcare signalling solutions are backed by the insurance industry and comply with British and European Standards for intruder and fire alarm signalling up to Grade 4, which is the highest level of protection on the market. They are also approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the independent recognised body certifying security products.

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